Orthodontic treatments are investments in time, patience and money. You don’t want anything to interfere with your progress. That’s why particular foods—such as popcorn and sticky candy—are no-nos while wearing braces. But indulging in harmful foods isn’t the only way you could damage your braces. You also must protect them from detrimental situations.

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Take a look at some of these practices that do your braces no favors.

Playing sports without a mouth guard. Don’t do it! Your maw is just as vulnerable to damage as the rest of your body. One elbow, baseball or lacrosse stick to your mouth can spell orthodontic (and dental!) disaster. Buy a mouth guard at a store or have your dentist make one specifically for you.

Oral piercings. You may think it’s cool to have a stud in your tongue, lip or cheek, but your brackets, arch wires, elastics and any other element don’t agree. Biting on the metal adornment can easily ruin a component; the metal can rub against your gums and lead to gum disease, which is the last thing you want while sporting braces.

Using your teeth to open things. Taking the time to find and use a bottle opener or pair of scissors to access those beverages or the contents in plastic packaging won’t displace, twist or break your braces.

Chomping on pens and pencils. It can help you focus on your professional or school work, but you’ll be risking wrecking your appliance—not to mention innocent writing instruments—in the process.

Chewing on ice. The mere thought makes us cringe. Yes, it’s natural, sugar-free and hydrating, but it can also bust your braces and teeth. Satiate this oral fixation by sipping cold water.

Binging and purging. People who suffer from the disease bulimia nervosa eat and then force themselves to vomit it all up. Vomit has strong stomach acids that can erode teeth and then alter the precise fit of your braces. (Bulimia can lead to other serious health problems. Seek medical help for this dangerous eating disorder.)

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