An orthodontist corrects many alignment issues, which is why it can be tough for patients to understand what all of them mean. Overjets and overbites—the way the front upper and front lower teeth line up with each other—are common conditions that require correction. Understanding them will help you establish the best treatment plan for yourself or your child.

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Overjet and overbite, sometimes severe, are highly treatable. Overjet is when the upper front teeth stick out too much (also known as buck teeth. Proper alignment is when the horizontal separation between the upper front teeth and the lower front teeth is just over 1/16 inch. Overjet means the division is more than just over 1/16 inch.

Overbite—also called a deep bite or a closed bite—is a vertical misalignment of the two bites. An underbite is when your bottom front teeth overlap your top front teeth.

Overjet and overbite are kinds of malocclusions. “Malocclusion” translates to “bad bite” in Latin. Causes of these two malocclusions include tooth loss, the use of pacifiers, a thumb-sucking habit, or when the jaw is innately too small or big.

In addition to the visual appearances of overjet and overbite, they can cause physical impediments such as problems and/or irritation while chewing and biting, speech difficulties and snoring.

The type of treatment you or your child receives will depend on the acuteness of the situation. Setting up an evaluation with an orthodontist is the first step toward a straight, beautiful and confident smile that will last a lifetime.

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