About Invisalign

An innovative, discreet, and effective system of care, treatment with clear aligners like Invisalign offers an advanced way to align your smile with minimal interference to daily activities. With practically invisible aligners, only you will know that you’re undergoing orthodontic care!

Invisalign utilizes 3D computer imaging technology to correct problematic bites or malocclusions by planning a complete sequence of custom-made clear aligners. This series of clear aligners incrementally moves the teeth into place until the final desired corrections are reached.

As pioneers in the field of aligner development and technology, Invisalign aligners are backed by data gathered from millions of successfully treated smiles to design treatment systems that:

  • Are faster, more advanced, and more comfortable than other options in care
  • Can address a broad spectrum of malocclusions (“bad bites”) and teeth alignment issues
  • Allow more precise planning and control of multiple types of tooth movement

Custom-made to the exact specifications of your smile, Invisalign clear aligners are designed to incrementally move your teeth into their correct positions over time. Simply swap out last week’s aligner for the next one in the series and watch as your smile progressively shows signs of improvement. And, because Invisalign clear aligners are removable for short periods of time, you can still enjoy the foods you love as well as brush and floss your teeth with ease!

3M Aligners

At Bartley Family Orthodontics, we believe in offering our patients the very best in orthodontic care. That’s why we offer a range of aligners, including 3M Clarity Aligners. These advanced appliances are transforming the way we approach teeth alignment, providing a comfortable, efficient, and barely noticeable solution for straightening teeth.

3M Clarity Aligners work on a simple yet effective process, similar to that of Invisalign. They apply consistent, gentle pressure to your teeth over time, gradually shifting them into their ideal positions.

What truly sets 3M Clarity Aligners apart is their blend of comfort, effectiveness, and aesthetics.

  • Innovative Design — 3M Clarity Aligners are made from a proprietary, flexible plastic material that provides optimal control for moving teeth while ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing — Being clear and virtually unnoticeable, these aligners offer a discreet solution for teeth straightening. This means you can continue with your daily life without anyone even noticing you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Customizable — Each set of 3M Clarity Aligners is custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth. This ensures a perfect fit and effective treatment.
  • Efficient — With 3M Clarity Aligners, treatment times can often be shorter than with traditional braces, thanks to their precise, controlled approach to teeth movement.

Spark Aligners

At Bartley Family Orthodontics, we are committed to offering our patients the latest and most effective orthodontic solutions. That’s why we are excited to offer Spark Aligners in our range of services.

As with each aligner system, you’ll wear each set of aligners for about one week before moving on to the next set in the series. This allows for incremental movement of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable treatment experience. Regular check-ins with us ensure your progress is monitored and any necessary adjustments are made.

Spark aligners are known for several notable benefits:

  • Advanced Material — Spark Aligners are made from TruGEN™, the latest advancement in clear aligner material. This ensures optimal control and predictability for moving teeth while offering superior clarity and comfort.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing — Being clear and virtually unnoticeable, these aligners offer a discreet solution for teeth straightening. You can continue with your daily life without anyone noticing you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Customizable — Each set of Spark Aligners is custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth. This ensures a perfect fit and effective treatment.
  • Efficient — Spark Aligners often allow for shorter treatment times than traditional braces, thanks to their precise, controlled approach to teeth movement.

The Process of aligners

  1. Come In For A Consultation — Your orthodontist will examine your teeth and show you what Invisalign treatment can do for you.
  2. Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan — Start with a fast, precise digital scan. Then your orthodontist will map out a custom treatment plan just for you. You will even get a preview of your smile!
  3. Your Aligners Are Customized For You — Your clear aligners are created using industry-leading technology based on your customized treatment. Each set of aligners is created with comfort in mind.
  4. Pick Up Your First Aligners — From the first day of treatment to the last, you’re never on your own. Your orthodontist will be with you every step of the way!

Remember, a beautiful smile begins today! Contact our office for more information and to request a consultation for treatment.

Invisalign For Kids

As a parent, you want the best for your child, especially when it comes to their health. This includes their dental health, which is why early orthodontic treatment is crucial. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. This is because by this age, a child’s jaw and permanent teeth have started to develop, making it easier for an orthodontist to identify any potential issues.

Early orthodontic treatment can address a wide range of issues, from overcrowded or crooked teeth to bite problems. By starting treatment early, an orthodontist can guide the growth and development of your child’s jaw and permanent teeth, allowing for more effective results with less invasive methods.

In addition, correcting dental issues early on can prevent them from escalating into more serious problems that may require more extensive and costly treatment in the future.

What is Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is a specialized treatment offered by orthodontists for children ages 6 to 10. It uses clear aligners to gradually shift teeth into their proper position, just like traditional Invisalign for adults and teens. However, Invisalign First is designed specifically for the unique needs of growing children, with features such as eruption tabs to accommodate emerging teeth. And with Invisalign First, your child can receive early orthodontic treatment without the hassle and discomfort of traditional metal braces.

If your child is between the ages of 6 and 10 and has dental concerns, Invisalign First could be the solution. However, only an orthodontist can determine if this treatment is suitable for your child after a thorough evaluation. So don’t wait, request a consultation with one of our orthodontists today and give your child the gift of a healthy and beautiful smile. With Invisalign First, early orthodontic treatment has never been easier or more effective.

Invisalign For Teens

Are you a teenager or the parent of a teen who wants to straighten their teeth? Look no further than Invisalign Teen, the perfect solution for achieving a beautiful smile without traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Teen is an innovative orthodontic treatment that uses clear, removable aligners to gradually move teeth into their desired position. These aligners are custom-made for each individual’s unique smile and are worn for 20-22 hours a day, with the option to remove them when needed. This allows for a more comfortable and convenient treatment experience compared to traditional braces.

Why teens love Invisalign

Teens often lead busy and social lives, so the last thing they want is a treatment that will disrupt their routine. Invisalign Teen also offers special features such as compliance indicators that help teens and parents track how often aligners are being worn, ensuring the best results possible. With Invisalign, teens can enjoy:

  • No Food Restrictions — As mentioned earlier, the aligners can be removed for eating, so there are no restrictions on what a teenager can eat. This means they can still enjoy their favorite snacks and treats without worrying about breaking or damaging traditional braces.
  • No Discomfort — Invisalign Teen aligners are made of smooth plastic, so there are no sharp edges or wires that can irritate the mouth. This is a significant advantage for teens who are sensitive to pain or have had negative experiences with braces in the past.
  • No Restrictions On Activities — Unlike traditional braces, there are no limitations on sports or other physical activities with Invisalign Teen. The aligners can be removed for these activities, making it easier to maintain an active lifestyle without any interference from orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Teen is a revolutionary treatment option for teenagers who want to straighten their teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. Its discreet appearance, comfortable fit, and convenience make it the ideal choice for busy teens who want to maintain their confidence and lifestyle while achieving a beautiful smile. Talk to our team at Bartley Family Orthodontics today to learn more about Invisalign Teen and how it can benefit you or your teen’s orthodontic journey. Remember, the earlier you start, the sooner you’ll have a perfect smile to share!

Invisalign For Adults

As adults, we tend to prioritize our responsibilities and put our own needs on the back burner. One such need that often gets neglected is orthodontic treatment. Many of us assume that orthodontic treatment is only meant for children and teenagers, but the truth is, it’s never too late to straighten your teeth and achieve a healthier, more confident smile.

Just because you didn’t get braces as a child doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from orthodontic treatment now. In fact, adults make up a significant portion of orthodontic patients. So why should you consider starting treatment now?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Improved Oral Health — Crooked or misaligned teeth can make it difficult to properly clean your teeth, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign can improve your overall oral health.
  • Boosted Confidence — Many adults feel self-conscious about their smile due to misaligned teeth. With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth discreetly, without the use of visible metal braces.
  • Enhanced Facial Symmetry — Crooked or misaligned teeth can also affect the overall appearance and balance of your face. By straightening your teeth, you can achieve better facial symmetry and a more attractive smile.

benefits of Invisalign for adults

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment for adults because it offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Discreet Appearance — Invisalign aligners are made of clear, BPA-free plastic, making them virtually invisible when worn. This allows you to straighten your teeth without drawing attention to your treatment.
  • Comfortable Fit — The smooth plastic material used in Invisalign aligners is custom-made to fit your teeth comfortably, minimizing discomfort and irritation.
  • Removable Design — Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable. This means you can take them out for special occasions or when eating and drinking, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment.
  • Predictable Results — Using advanced technology, your orthodontist can map out the movement of your teeth and show you a virtual representation of your new smile before even starting treatment. This means you can have a clear understanding of what to expect from Invisalign.

Don’t let age hold you back from achieving the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted. Request a consultation with one of our orthodontists to discuss the benefits of Invisalign for adults and find out if it’s the right treatment option for you. Remember, it’s never too late to start orthodontic treatment and improve your oral health and confidence. Take the first step today!