You’ve been looking at your smile in the mirror lately and noticed something has changed. Your lower front teeth have become crowded and crooked. Perhaps it’s been happening for a while, but you’ve just begun noticing it now. Besides your appearance, you’re wondering what effects this may be having on your oral health. Our orthodontist at Stamford has years of experience successfully finding solutions for teeth affected by this common condition, and we’d like to provide some answers about why it happens and what you can do about it.

It’s a fact of life that our bodies change as we age, and our teeth and jaw are no exceptions. In this case, our jaw bone has lost some of its density and has shrunk. The result is that there’s less space for our bottom front teeth. Other conditions may exist that are causing or contributing to this crowding, including a facial injury, breathing through the mouth, repeatedly thrusting your tongue, or reverse swallowing. For some people, it may be a hereditary trait passed down from our parents.

Fortunately, our orthodontist has a variety of options to treat crowding. Our state-of-the-art practice utilizes the latest technology and materials to provide beautiful, long-lasting results. Our friendly, personalized care always includes evaluating each individual and customizing a treatment plan for their specific needs. Every mouth is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to our approach.

Traditional braces are one way of gradually guiding your teeth into their proper places. Invisible aligners, which use removable plastic trays to straighten and align teeth, have become increasingly popular among our adult patients.

Keep in mind that straight, properly aligned teeth are about more than cosmetics. Our treatment will provide greater comfort when you eat, improve digestion and make your teeth easier to clean. So, leave the crowd behind: Come in for an evaluation by our orthodontist at Stamford. Please contact us today for an appointment!