Orthodontic care has undergone many upgrades over the years to provide patients of all ages with state-of-the-art options for achieving the smile they’ve always dreamed of! One of the recent trends our orthodontist has experienced at Windsor is the growing popularity of clear aligners to perform the function that was once the sole province of braces. If you can undergo successful treatment that’s virtually undetectable, well, why not!

New patients often ask us, “What are clear aligners, how do they work, and are they right for me?” These plastic replicas of your teeth put gentle pressure to gradually reposition them. They are not the right treatment for every case. We’ll start with an initial consultation to discuss what each patient’s treatment goals are, and ask about their lifestyle. Then our orthodontist conducts a thorough examination and uses diagnostic images and/or impressions to determine which treatment is indicated.

If clear aligners are indicated, the images and impressions we’ve taken will be used to design the plastic trays that will be worn over your top and bottom teeth to guide them into their optimal positions. Once the trays are ready, we’ll instruct you how often to wear them, and how regularly they need to be replaced. You’ll need to remember to remove them when eating or drinking anything except water, to clean them regularly and store them safely. As with all orthodontic treatment, we’ll lay out some guidelines that will help navigate the foods and beverages that can impede the progress you’re making.

The most important decision you’ll make about which treatment is right for you is choosing the right specialist. Our orthodontist at Windsor provides personal, patient-centered care that will bring a smile to your lips before we’ve even started! Please contact us today for “straight talk” about our options for delivering results you’ll enjoy for years to come.