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November 29, 2022

Have you been considering what to do about a dental irregularity such as crowded, unevenly spaced teeth or teeth that stick out, or a feeling that your bite is out of alignment when you chew or speak? Perhaps you’ve shared these concerns with your dentist or other healthcare professional. Our orthodontic specialist at Windsor wants prospective patients to be aware of the highly specialized training and experience we have in a field that requires sensitivity and precision. 

There are few things as important and delicate as providing treatment that affects someone’s facial appearance, and no one is better suited to the task than our orthodontist. Why? Because no other dental professional is totally and completely focused on bringing our patients’ teeth and jaws into proper alignment — no matter their age. We have completed not only four years of schooling required to become a dentist, but thousands of additional hours of training in diagnosing and treating a range of issues affecting the way our patients’ teeth look, feel and function. We also can spot health concerns such as sleep apnea and recommend treatment that assists in making breathing easier.

Although there may be a perception that orthodontics is focused solely on attaining cosmetic improvements, the truth is that the alignment of our bite and jaws has a profound effect on our oral health, digestion and comfort when eating and speaking. What’s also true is that we have more ways to produce these quality of life improvements than ever before, such as braces that are practically undetectable to the eye, and invisible aligners. To match our patients with the best alternative for them is a highly specialized skill, one that can’t be matched by an online provider hawking a do-it-yourself device to experiment with at home. 

No matter your age, there’s simply no better time than now to seek orthodontic care, and no better orthodontic specialist than Windsor. Please contact our office for an appointment!

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