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Lunchbox Tips For Kids With Braces

August 30, 2022

With September arriving and the start of school, parents will once again be faced with the daily challenge of which items are the most nutritious and packable for their childrens’ lunches. For parents of children wearing braces, the task takes even more planning to ensure their child’s lunchbox is packed with selections that’ll keep the child satisfied without damaging the wires and brackets in their orthodontic appliance. 

Our friendly orthodontist at Windsor wants to help take the stress out of school lunch planning by offering some simple tips. Because, back to school is stressful enough without adding another problem, right?

Here are some dos and don’ts to consider when packing up that lunchbox or bag: 

  • Stick to soft foods like tuna, egg salad, chicken, sliced meats, cottage cheese, peanut butter (preferably smooth rather than chunky) and jelly sandwiches, avocados, grapes, applesauce, yogurt, and bananas.
  • Steer clear of selections like meat on the bone, jerky, hard pretzels, bagels, popcorn, nuts, apples, carrots, licorice, sugary beverages and sports drinks, and hard candy. Sure, apples and carrots are normally healthy, but they’re hard enough to damage the brackets.

Let’s say your child doesn’t brown-bag it to class and opts for the hot lunch offered by the school. Keep an eye on the school menu and look for choices including macaroni and cheese, pasta, mashed potatoes, sloppy joe’s, soups, salads, chili, meat loaf and pizza if it’s soft. If there isn’t a suitable option being served in the cafeteria that day, it’s wise to pack the child’s lunch at home. And if a number of days go by without braces-friendly options, by all means call it to the attention of the school and food service provider. 

Sure, it takes commitment and a little planning, but it shall all be worth it when the end result is a healthy, beautiful, long-lasting smile. Please contact our orthodontist at Windsor to find out more about our services!

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