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Why Do I have to Wear Rubber Bands With my Braces? Your Questions Answered!

May 30, 2022

Although treatment options for straightening teeth have changed over the years, traditional braces continue to be the best option for many of our patients at the orthodontics office of Windsor. Besides braces, we sometimes include elastics as part of our treatment. Current or prospective patients often ask, “Do I really need to wear these little rubber bands, too? Aren’t the metal braces strong enough to do the job by themselves?”

These are perfectly legitimate questions, and our orthodontist is happy to answer them for you! We want our patients to be active partners in creating a healthy, beautiful, long-lasting smile, and that includes having a complete understanding of our treatments. 

As I’m sure you understand by now, the braces we install work by applying force to move the teeth and jaw into their optimal positions. The wire running through the brackets on your teeth is there to apply that force. These elastic bands are put in place to target specific areas of your teeth, secured in place thanks to the bracket’s small metal hooks. These elastic bands may be used to close gaps between teeth, and to pull lower teeth back and upper teeth forward, or vice versa. Not everyone needs these tiny elastics, and the amount of time they need to be worn differs from patient to patient. We provide all the information a patient needs to know about how and when to put them on and remove them. Keep in mind that these tiny rubber bands can actually help shorten the time you’ll need to wear those braces!

Our orthodontist at Windsor wants to make sure our patients are receiving the most comfortable, efficient, and highest quality treatment options we have available. If you have any questions about our treatments, don’t hesitate to ask! Please contact our friendly, attentive staff today for an appointment.

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