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September 27, 2021

There are plenty of misconceptions about orthodontists and the treatments we provide. While the orthodontists at Bartley Family Orthodontics don’t take any of them personally, we do like to point out when any of these suggestions don’t, shall we say, align with the truth. So, brace yourselves while we straighten out a few things.

Perhaps tops on our list is that anyone who provides braces or aligners is an orthodontist. Yes, there are some general dentists who offer these treatments, and nowadays there are many online outfits that will ship them right out to you after a few simple questions. But the truth of the matter is that only an orthodontist has undergone years of advanced training and completed a residency focused on the proper and safe ways to guide the movement of your teeth, as well as your jaw and facial development. We have the highly specific skills and experience to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting smile.

Another common misconception is that the treatments we offer stretch out for years. There are some simple cases when properly guiding a patient’s teeth into place may only take a few months, although more complicated instances take longer. By choosing an orthodontic specialist, you can rest assured the treatment we custom design for you won’t be rushed, nor will it need to go on any longer than necessary. 

There’s also a belief among some that orthodontic treatment is only about appearances. Although a healthy smile is the clearest outcome, our treatment will make basic functions like chewing and speaking easier and more pleasurable. And if you think that our treatments are just for kids, think again. Millions of adults seek specialized care every year to maintain or restore the look and feel of their smile as they grow older.

Forget yesterday’s misconceptions about orthodontic treatment. Ask the specialists at Bartley Family Orthodontics about today’s options for creating a smile that exudes health and confidence. Call our office today for an appointment.

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